Report on 2nd Progress Meeting

2024年6月1日に地球環境ユースサミット2024 in KYOTOの本講座第2回中間報告会を開催しました。学校のテストや部活の試合などで忙しい時期ですが、参加者23名、メンター13名の参加がありました。





The 2nd Progress Meeting of the Main seminar, Earth Youth Summit 2024 in KYOTO was held on June 1st, 2024. Despite being a busy time of year with school exams and club activities, 23 youth participants and 13 mentors attended the meeting.


From the first progress meeting held on April 13  to this meeting, each group has been making essential questions based on three keywords related to their chosen topic. The first half of this meeting, participants were randomly divided into six groups to practice critical thinking based on these discussions. It should be a fulfilling time for the them to discuss with different members than usual. Specifically, “What is the motivation behind your idea?” and “Is your idea appropriate to solve the issue?” were the two topics of the session. The participants thought seriously about these difficult questions. In one breakout room, participants discussed “how recycling should be handled because it is important but expensive”.


The second half, participants gathered in their own groups to share their discussions from the first half and then to deepen their own discussions. Many groups used critical thinking exercises to review how they view and approach problems.


The next meeting, 3rd progress meeting, will be held on July 13th. This is the last online meeting before Kyoto-Miyazu Summit. We hope that the discussions will be more exciting towards the next meeting.