Report on 3rd Pre-seminar(2023/11/11)

The third pre-seminar was held on November 11, 2023. Ms. Akira Sakano from ZERO WASTE JAPAN prepared a lecture video in English, which was used as a basis for discussion among the participants.


Ms. Sakano’s lecture began with a reconsideration of the current state of waste problems and resource use, followed by a case study of Zero-Waste project in Kamikatsu Town (Tokushima Prefecture, Japan) and her own background up to the start of her activities.


In the pre-seminar, participants from China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Japan did self introductions, shared their impressions of the lecture video, and conducted group discussions.


The first theme of the group discussion was “Is garbage separation sufficient and why is it necessary?” The differences in waste separation are particularly noticeable from country to country, and this session must have been a very meaningful opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions. For example, we were able to learn about the efforts of various stakeholders, such as school education on garbage issues and the rules of local governments.


The second theme was “what can we do to change the system?”. Since it was a big, vague question, we had to ask ourselves many subdivided questions, such as, “Why do we need to change the system?” “Why is the current system in place?” I believe that the participants were able to experience the thinking process of going through various “WHYs”. 

We are now halfway through the 6 sessions of the Pre-seminar, and we still welcome those who wish to join us. You need to register pre-seminar when you want to join main-seminar. If you are at all interested, please register here(!

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