Report on 4th Pre-seminar(2023/12/09)

The 4th Pre-Seminar was held on December 9th, 2023. The lecturer is Alexander Ryota Keeley, an associate professor at Kyusyu University in Japan. He gave the lecture via video, and it explains about the Inclusive Wealth Index (IWI) for measuring sustainability. IWI is a different index from GDP, and the main theme of the lecture is how to measure sustainability.

At this time, participants joined from Japan, Malaysia, China, Thailand, etc. Though this theme is difficult to discuss, they tried to explain their ideas and discussed them actively. At first, participants did their self-introduction and shared their impressions of the lecture. Then we made small groups, each containing 3~4 members, and conducted the group discussion.

The first theme is “What is the challenge when measuring sustainability, and is GDP enough for us?”. The difference of the country scales and the difference of available data are listed. Most participants said GDP is not enough for measuring sustainability. The reason is sustainability has a lot of aspects and it is not measured by only the economic growth.

The second theme is “What is the concept of the Inclusive Wealth Index, and what further actions do we need to mobilize the countries?”. Most of the ideas participants showed are related to the explanation in the lecture video. In the latter question, there are many original ideas like spreading education or convincing the country leaders.

Moreover, an interesting new question was cast during the discussion. It is “Should the indicator be used for international assessment or for assessing growth in the home country?”. To this question, many participants agreed that we should use it comparing the countries and motivated to improve the Index.

There are 6 Pre-seminar and 4 seminars are already finished. Next time, 5th pre-seminar will be held in January 2024. There are only 2 chances to join the English discussion in Pre-seminar. If you don’t register Pre-seminar yet, you can register from this link( Don’t miss it!


2023年12月9日に導入講座第4回を開催しました。第4回はキーリーアレクサンダー竜太さん(九州大学准教授)を講師にお招きし、英語の講義動画を提供していただきました。講義では、サステナビリティを計る指標としてInclusive Wealth Index(IWI)の説明がありました。これまで使われてきたGDPとは異なる指標であり、サステナビリティをどのように評価するかがメインテーマとなりました。



2つ目のテーマは「Inclusive Wealth Indexのコンセプトとは何か?国を動かすためには何が必要か」でした。Inclusive Wealth Indexのコンセプトは講義動画での説明された考え方について話すユースが多かったです。後者に対しては、教育を普及させることや国のリーダーに働きかけることと様々な案が出てきました。