Call for Mentors: Main-seminar and Kyoto-Miyazu Summit


Earth Youth Summit 2024 in KYOTO    Main-seminar & Kyoto-Miyazu Summit
Application Guidelines for Mentors

The main seminar of the “Earth Youth Summit 2024 in KYOTO” (from February 2024 to August 2024) and the Kyoto-Miyazu Summit (August 8th to 10th, 2024) aims to facilitate in-depth discussions among youth participants from both domestic and international backgrounds on global environmental issues. The goal is for participants to refine their understanding through discussions and subsequently disseminate the outcomes. Mentors are invited to support these programs.

Application Requirements

Individuals who are interested in the role of next-generation leaders, as well as activities related to environmental issues and SDGs. This includes university students and working professionals who can participate in online meeting systems such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
* Applicants are welcome if they are high school seniors (expected to graduate in March 2024) as of January 2024. Even if involvement begins shortly after the start of the February course, participation from late March to April is acceptable. For those who have not yet decided on their future paths, please indicate so on the registration form. Please inform us of your availability as a mentor by March 31, and if applicable, confirm your participation and affiliation starting from April.

Application Process

1. Please submit your application through the designated form. The deadline is February 7, 2024 (Wed). Application form:
2. When applying to be a mentor, you will be asked to choose your English proficiency level and select a preferred theme to determine your assigned group. The themes include: 1) carbon neutrality, 2) resource circulation, 3) biodiversity, 4) diversity, equality and inclusion, 5) well-being, 6) SDGs beyond 2030, and 7) sustainability of the region (related to the sea or Miyazu). Please note that it may not always be possible to accommodate all preferences, and we appreciate your understanding in advance.

Important Notice for Participation

・ Attendance at the Kickoff Meeting, three Progress meetings, and the Kyoto-Miyazu Summit is generally expected. If there are unavoidable reasons preventing attendance, please notify us accordingly.
・ Mentor Orientation sessions will be held on February 17 (Sat) from 16:00 to 17:00 (UTC+9; JST) and on February 19 (Tue) from 20:00 to 21:00 (UTC+9; JST). These sessions also serve as an opportunity for introductions, so please try to attend one of them if possible.
・ The primary language of communication is English.

!! Please be sure to carefully read the Application guideline for mentors before submitting.

We look forward to your participation!

地球環境ユースサミット2024 in KYOTO(Earth Youth Summit 2024 in KYOTO)
本講座および京都・宮津サミット メンター募集


「地球環境ユースサミット2024 in KYOTO」の本講座(2024年2月~8月)と京都・宮津サミット(2024年8月8日~10日)では、国内外のユース参加者が地球環境問題について深く議論し、ブラッシュアップしながらその成果を発信することを目的としています。メンターのみなさまにはこれらのプログラムのサポートを担っていただきます。


②オンライン会議システム(Microsoft Teams、Zoomなど)に参加できる環境を用意できる方





※必ず、メンター募集要項 をすべてご確認の上、お申し込みをお願いいたします。