Poster Exhibition and Interview with Mr. Eugenio Lemos at The 14th Earth Hall of Fame KYOTO Commendation Ceremony & The Earth Forum Kyoto







The interview recording has been uploaded to YouTube, so please feel free to watch it!

Two high school students from Kyoto who participated in the Earth Youth Summit held a poster exhibition and interviewed Mr. Eugenio Lemos at the 14th Earth Hall of Fame KYOTO Commendation Ceremony & The Earth Forum Kyoto on November 18 (Sat) at Kyoto International Conference Center.

The posters were displayed near the entrance to the ceremony and symposium venue, and were viewed by many people. The posters reported on the results of the Earth Youth Summit held in Keihoku this March.

The students also watched the award ceremony, lectures by the members of the 14th Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto (inductees), and symposium to learn from them. The inductees was selected based upon their contributions to the preservation of the global environment.

After the symposium, the students interviewed Mr. Eugenio Fatima Lemos (Ego Lemos). He is a national singer in Timor-Leste and also an environmental conservation activist. He just received the Magsaysay Award, commonly known as “Asia’s Nobel Prize,” on November 11 as an environmental conservation activist. They asked him about his most important activities in Timor-Leste and the relationship between his music and environmental conservation activities. They also consulted with him the difficulties they were facing in their activities and received advice from him.

His lovely sense of humor made the whole event relaxed, and he made everyone smile with a little vocalization during the photo shoot.