中島 さち子
Sachiko Nakajima
Musician, mathematics researcher and STEAM educator. She is also CEO of steAm, Inc.,the representative director of steAm BAND Association and a thematic project producer of Expo 2025, Osaka, Kansai, Japan.
She also serves as a STEM Girls Ambassador, Cabinet Office, and project researcher of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences The University of Tokyo. She won the gold medal as the first Japanese woman in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Congratulations on the Earth Youth Summit 2023!
Young people all around the world, getting together in Kyoto
to consider the next 1000 years, how meaningful it is!
By accepting the SDGs as a serious question, not a token brand,
I hope you, young people, will go deep into it and create the future.
There is a lot of wasterubbish on the earth and in space today,
there is environmental destruction,
and many things are being born and dying at the same time.
But the wasterubbish may give birth to new life.
The world is in a cycle.
Now that various ways of being are being questioned again,
I hope that everyone will take a big step forward
and build a wonderful future with a multifaceted viewpoint.
I'm rooting for you!