Prof. Penelope Lindeque
Prof. Penelope Lindeque

Our planet, Earth, is a precious treasure that we all share. However, right now, our Earth is facing many challenges including plastic pollution. In order to address these issues, your role as the future scientists and leaders is crucial.
Plastic pollution is contaminating our oceans, lands, and the air we breathe, causing harm to ecosystems. This is an urgent global issue that is incredibly challenging and requires innovation from Entrepreneurs, businesses, citizens and yourselves to really consider how we can reduce our reliance on plastic, and shift towards a more circular economy. To tackle this problem you need to be informed to make responsible choices. It is essential to refuse and reduce plastic use, to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and develop new ways to encourage reuse, repurposing and recycling. Young researchers and students like you can explore sustainable materials and plastic alternatives, discovering innovative solutions. We hope to inspire innovation to consider the whole of a plastic item’s life from design stage to end of life, with the intention of prolonging the lifetime of products.
We are the generation shaping the future of our Earth. Our choices and actions determine our impact on the environment. To combat plastic pollution and biodiversity loss, it is crucial to expand knowledge, raise awareness, and take action. Together, we can protect our planet and build a sustainable future.
To all young researchers and students, you are the agents of change. Let's fulfill the mission of safeguarding Planet Earth from plastic pollution. Take that step forward to create a beautiful Earth that future generations will appreciate and admire.

Prof. Penelope Lindeque,
Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK,
Recipient of the Asahi Glass Foundation Blue Planet prize 2023