Report on 1st Pre-seminar (2023/9/9)

The first pre-seminar was held on September 9th. Prior to the seminar, Prof. Takayoshi Kusago, Kansai University, gave an English video lecture about the SDGs, as a basis for discussion among the participants.

Prof. Kusago’s lecture proposed a number of questions and his own answers, such as “What are the social issues facing society today?”, “What do you think is important for sustainable development?”, and “What can middle and high school students do?”. He mentioned not only “environmental issues” but also “well-being” and “symbiotic society”. Many participants should have recognized new aspects of the SDGs.

The day of the pre-seminar, participants did self-introductions and shared their impressions of the lecture video. After that, they discussed themes such as “What can the generation of junior high and high school students do to solve environmental problems?” and “What do we expect from the Youth Summit?”. At the end of the discussion, presentation time was taken and they presented their ideas to other participants. As this was the first seminar, many participants were hesitant to speak in English at first, but with the support of the mentors, lively discussions were held as the seminar progressed. Many participants registered as mentors for this program, and surprisingly, the ratio of mentors to participants in this seminar was about one to one! We believe that those who are not accustomed to using English will also feel comfortable participating in this program.

In the discussion on ”what junior high and high school students can do?”, participants expressed their opinions from a variety of angles, such as “using social media to disseminate information” and “participating in local environmental conservation activities.” Their answers showed that they are always thinking about what they can do. Participants’ interests were diverse, ranging from gender equality and economic disparity to global warming. As Prof. Kusago mentioned in his lecture, various social issues are interwinded in today’s society. It was a time to realize the significance of the SDGs as a framework for students interested in various social issues to come together in today’s such a complex world.

In the latter half of the session, students showed their excitement about the future pre-seminars. Some said they would love to join lectures by professors and experts from around the world to broaden their perspective. We, the organizers of the Earth Youth Summit, will do our best to meet the participants’ expectations as much as possible. If you are interested in participating in the Earth Youth Summit 2024, please register from here! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!






導入講座当日は、自己紹介や講義動画の感想シェアなどを行ったあと、「環境問題などの解決に向けて、中高生世代が何をできるのか」「これからのユースサミットに期待すること」などのテーマについてディスカッションをしました。ディスカッション後には、それぞれの考えを皆の前で発表しあう時間を取り、様々な人と意見交換が出来る様にしています。第1回ということもあり、はじめは英語で発言することをためらう参加者も多くいましたが、メンターのサポートもあり、セミナーが進むに連れて活発な議論が行われるようになっていきました。本プログラムはメンターとして登録している人も多く、今回のセミナーではメンター と参加者の人数比が約一対一でした!メンターによる補助もあるので、英語を使うことに慣れていない方も安心してご参加いただけることと思います。


これからのユースサミットに期待することのディスカッションでは、「世界中の教授や有識者の講義を受け、視野を広げたい」といった声が聞かれ、今後のセミナーに期待が高まったところで、第一回のプレセミナーは幕を閉じました。私たち運営メンバーも、参加者の期待にできる限り答えられるよう、頑張ってまいります。Earth Youth Summit 2024は途中からのご参加も大歓迎です!少しでも興味を持たれた方は、ぜひこちらからお申し込みください!お待ちしております。